age matters in relationships essay

“Age is a Matter of Mind — if you don't Mind, it doesn't Matter.” but the The Bible says not to be “unequally yoked” (weird way to put it… anyway). It is entirely your choice whether you decide to date someone considerably older or younger than yourself. To some age isn't a significant factor in dating, while others have a
Free Essay: Age Matter in Relationship Recently , relationship statistics indicate that most people have a partner that is probably close to their age ....
When people fall in love, they don't necessarily take age into consideration. What usually matters for them is how they feel for that person. This is a fact which is dominant when it comes to males. Besides, asking a person you're dating upfront...
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Many people feel uncomfortable when they see a couple where one partner is much older than the other one – irrespectively of who of them belongs to which gender. It just doesn't occur for the majority that people belonging to different generations may have enough in common for creating a really serious relationship.
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Personally, I don't think there's a set age difference - it varies through life. For instance, a seventy year old and a fifty five year old are going to attract a lot less negative attention than a 16 year old and a 31 year old, but the age difference is the same. Frankly, as with all things on this topic, it's down to the two
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In a modern world, relationship is based on compatibility set by individual standards. More often personal preference becomes a statement of individuality from.
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